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You can upload files, share files, and view files shared with you in My Files. This is the preferred method to securely transfer data to and from Innovu.

To access My Files, go to the navigation bar > Data My Files.

Upload a File

The Upload File widget is on the upper right side of the screen. You can drag and drop files here, or you can click “Upload File” and search for the file(s) for upload in the corresponding popup window. You may select multiple files at a time by holding CTRL (Mac users hold Command) as you click each file.

Note: You can upload any file format to Vault.

After you choose your file(s) for upload, you may categorize the files by selecting the proper Product and Data Type from the corresponding drop-down menus. Click Upload These Files to complete the upload process.

Note: Make sure that your file name(s) is unique; if it is not, you will be prompted to rename your file name if a duplicate name has been found Vault.

If your file upload was successful, you will see the following notification at the top of your page:

Share a File From My Files

When you upload files, My Files will display:

  • File Name
  • Date of most recent update
  • Download button
  • Remove Shares button
  • Share button

To share a file, click on the Share button and you will see a popup window with a search field. If you type in the name of a user, you will see the names of users whose names match your search query.

Click the green plus sign to share your file with the specified user. This file will appear in that user’s Files Shared with Me screen and will be viewable for that user for two weeks.

Files Shared With Me

On the upper-right portion of the My Files screen is a button called Files Shared with Me. As the name implies, this is where files shared with you are stored. Files are stored for a two-week window. Afterward, it becomes expired and un-viewable.