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Terms and Definitions


Cohort organizations with aggregated data that can be used in comparative analytics.

Calculated Values

Functions applied to Insight Measures to create Calculated Values.

Count Distinct

Adds a count of each unique instance of a Dimension to the Data section.


Creates a copy of template or dashboard you can save under a different name.


Descriptive data fields within Insight Models that allow you to categorize data.

Provides the URL for the Insight Template.


The action of activating an alert by an alert administrator for the data to run against the alert query.


The action of extracting data by downloading locally, saving to My Files or both.


The page that appears when you first log in and when you click the logo at the top of the Insight navigation bar.

Innovu Global Dashboard

Dashboard published by an Innovu administrator for all users to see.

Innovu Global Template

An Insight Template created by an Innovu expert that is published for all Innovu users to access.


Primary InnovuLens BI-like tool that is the foundation of many powerful features.

Insight Dashboard

A organizational tool created by grouping data metrics Widgets sourced from Insight Templates and may include descriptive text.

Insight Models

A collection of data fields sourced from the client's Third Party Administrators.

Insight Templates

A pre-formatted set of data fields categorized as Dimensions or Measures which are sourced from an Insight Model with the returned values dependent on the filters and parameters included in the Insight query. 


Data fields consisting of numerical values within Insight Models that can be aggregated.


An individual within an organization that has access to the organization's data.

My Dashboard

You created and have ownership of this dashboard.

My Template

You created and have ownership of this template.


A client or a cohort of clients in which the data is structured in Insight.

Period Comparison

The function within an Insight Template that pivots the data for one or more time periods.


The action of publishing (pushing) an alert to be viewed by users within an organization that have access to the My Alerts Page. Only Enabled and Triggered alerts can be published.

Show Query

Reveals the back-end SQL programming language that manages the data.

Static Dashboard

View only dashboards created by Innovu.


An action in which the returned value of an Enabled alert exceeds the threshold value in the query.

Two Factor Authentication

A two-step verification process that provides an extra layer of security for Accessing the InnovuLens™️ Suite of Products. Completing the verification process requires a username, password, and a token code generated by Google Authenticator.

User Settings

Your personal profile page that includes your email and "account effective" date. This page allows you to change your homepage, change your password, or reset two factor authentication.


Block of data inputs added to an Insight Dashboard that can be sourced from Insight Templates or added as text. Widgets are depicted as charts, visualizations, tables, or text summaries. 

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