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Innovu Chat is the primary communication feature in the platform. Use Chat to securely send messages and files within your organization.

Access Chat by clicking the speech bubble icon in the upper-right portion of the screen. The Chat window will appear on the right side of your window. 

Close the Chat window by clicking this icon again.


1. Input field

Type your message in this field. You can click the paperclip icon to attach a file. Send your message by pressing the Enter key or by clicking the paper airplane icon. You have the option to edit or delete your messages have you have sent them.

Tag other users with “@username” and select a user from the corresponding dropdown menu. Tagged users will see a red dot on their Chat icon in the upper right portion of the screen.

2. Message Feed

Messages include a user’s avatar, username, the time it was posted, and whether it was edited. Messages are ordered in chronological order with the most recent message at the bottom.

3. Expand Chat

Expand your Chat window to fill the entire screen. Click this button again to minimize Chat.

4. User List Toggle

View a list of all online and offline users. 

5. User List

A list of all online and offline users in your organization.

Offline users have a gray dot on their profile picture.

Online users have a green dot on their profile

6. Current Organization /
Direct Message Toggle

Toggle between Current Organization and Direct Message Chat.

Current Organization Chat

Messages are organization-wide chatrooms. Your messages will be visible to the entire organization.

Direct Message Chat

Messages are one-on-one conversations. Only you and your recipient will see these messages. Click the plus button to search for users to message.