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Insight Alerts are queries created by Innovu that highlight important information not easily identified in your data. Innovu configures alerts and enables them to automatically run against your data each month.

Each alert has:

  • At least a one-month claim lag to capture more complete data.
  • A threshold—when the results of the query exceed the threshold, the alert is Triggered.

Each alert also provides supplemental information that enables you to take action. You will have access to some combination of Alert Pages depending on the role you have in working with the data.

Alert Page


My Alerts

This page only displays Published alerts.

All Alerts View Only

This page allows you to view alert information but not publish the alert for other users to see.

All Alerts

This page allows you to review and publish the alert information for others to see.

Alert Settings

This page allows you to add or change alert notification settings for all members in the organization.

My Alerts Page

This page provides a limited view only to alerts that have been Published, .

Published alerts have either been automatically published OR have been reviewed and intentionally published for you to take action. There is an option for Innovu to automatically publish alerts that would contain time-sensitive or critical information in which immediate action is requested.

To access My Alerts, go to the navigation bar > Alerts > My Alerts.

All Alerts Page

The All Alerts Page provides a view of all of alerts that were run against the organization's data regardless of whether the results exceeded the alert query threshold (Triggered) or were Published.

The default page view shows alerts that were run for ALL time periods, in ALL Categories, that were Triggered and Not Published

Use Filtering Options to change how alerts are displayed.

Display alerts based on Run Date, or the date an alert was run against your data.

Display alerts categorized by their output type. For example, a Data Validation alert can identify claims that may not have been paid appropriately under the plan.

Display alerts by their Trigger status. A Triggered alert has data that exceeded the threshold of an alert query. Conversely, you can also view alerts that were Not Triggered.

Display alerts by their Publish status. Most alerts are Not Published until a user reviews the alert information. Publishing is the action of pushing alert information for other Insight users (who have access to the data) to see the alert results.

Alert Card

Each alert appears as an individual card on the page.

The below example is a Triggered alert for Demonstration Company.

Card Elements

Toggle whether you want to Publish or Unpublish an alert.

The exclamation point icon displays the notification status for Triggered alerts. A grey color indicates "No emails sent on triggered".

The paper plane icon displays the notification status for Published emails. A grey color indicates "No emails sent on published."

When clicked, the information icon will expand to provide an explanation as to why an alert is important.

The Explore Data drop-down menu links you to a report that contains the data that triggered the alert.

Setting Personal Alert Notifications

You can subscribe to two types of email notifications:

  • Reviewer: This email notification is sent when an alert is triggered. It contains a link to the alert information on the All Alert Page.
  • Published: This email notification is pushed when a triggered alert is published. It contains link to the alert information on the My Alerts page.

Note: To change or set notifications for other members with access to this organization's data, use the Alert Settings Page.

To subscribe to Reviewer Notifications, click the information icon .

After you click the icon, it will turn green and you'll see a "Success" message that indicates that you will receive email notices each time this alert is triggered.

To subscribe to Published Notifications click the paper plane icon .

After you click the icon, it will turn green and you'll see a "Success" message that indicates that you will receive email notices each time this alert is published.

Publishing Alerts

To Publish the alert for other Organization members:

  1. Toggle the Publish button at the top of the alert card .

  2. A Confirmation Message will show which recipients will receive a confirmation email and provide an Email Preview.

  3. Select Publish .

You have now Published an alert!

Once the publish button is selected, an email is sent to subscribed Members. Below is an example of the Email Message:

Note: Those with access to All Alerts - View Only Page will not have the ability to Publish Alerts. To request access to the All Alerts Page, contact your Innovu Representative.

Alert Settings Page

The Alert Settings page allows you to manage Alert notifications for all users in an organization.

Go to the navigation bar > Alerts > Alert Settings to access this page.

The Alert Settings page is made up of two main sections:

  • Alerts – This section provides a list of all Enabled and Disabled Aerts in Insight.
  • Users – This section identifies all Members within an Organization to set notifications

Setting Notifications

In the Alert Section, descriptions for each alert provides context before subscribing to alert notifications.

The information icon provides information on the alert's importance. Collapse the description by clicking the X button .

The question mark icon provides a general description of the alert. Collapse the description by clicking the X button .

The Users section allows you to manage how a user(s) is notified for Alerts. There are two types of notification subscriptions: Reviewer and Published.

To subscribe to notifications, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Choose one or more alerts desired to set alert notifications for organization members by checking the box next to the Enabled Status.

  • Check the box next to the Alert > Click the "Let's Do this!" button.

Note: Notifications can only be set for Enabled alerts. To have an alert enabled or disabled from running against the organization's data, contact your Innovu Representative. Some alerts may be disabled in order to refine the alert query.

Step 2

For each alert(s) selected, you can toggle the subscription level of members in the organization to send either Reviewer or Published notifications:

  • Reviewer – When the Reviewer toggle is enabled, Insight will notify the user when a selected Alert is Triggered.
  • Published – When the Published toggle is enabled, Insight will notify the user when a selected Alert is Published.

When you adjust a setting, the InnovuLens platform will automatically save your changes and you’ll see the following notification at the top of your screen.

Note: If you set notifications for more than one alert, to subsequently verify the subscription status for an individual member you must elect an individual alert. The status of previously saved subscription notifications cannot be viewed for more than one alert at a time since the notifications for a member can be different for each alert.

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